Serverless, Containers and Application Operations

Episode 162 · June 7th, 2018 · 35 mins 1 sec

About this Episode

Serverless, containers? The debate doesn't matter for customers coming to ioPipe, says Erica Windisch, founder and CTO of ioPipe. Their customers have already decided to adopt or even further adopt serverless architectures. They are not talking about containers or Kuberbetes. Her comments speak to a deeper discussion about the role of container and serverless architectures that TNS Analysts Guest Host Adron Hall addresses in discussing the larger picture about the decisions any company is trying to make now.

"I have been hearing more about trying to run Open FaaS in Kubernetes, which is an interesting take on the whole situation," said Hall.

Full cloud services offer it all but there are also applications running on bare metal, others in VMs, across a heterogeneous infrastructure and hybrid/CDN-style hosts. It's a deeper discussion that will help me at least think of guide posts as we talk to more people who are making decisions about serverless or not. It may all come down to what Windisch describes as "application operations."

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